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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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it covered south atte arizona earlier today. -- south platte, arizona earlier today. it's expected to arrive in the denver area in a few hours. we have not seen many accumulation -- much accumulation yet. that will be changing. outside right now there are a few flurries in the downtown area with snow bands east of the city. so far, travel not impacted on the i-25 corridor. temperatures freezing for many areas. the next low is coming out of the east from the phoenix area. it will follow another storm the came through earlier today. there are when told -- travel advisories and a winter storm warning for the area shaded and red. denver is under a winter weather advisory until 2:00 tomorrow. you can see how we are in
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snow bands to the west and some off to the east. in the advisory area, which extends until 2:00 tomorrow, we expect another 2-5 inches of snow. there will be another band role in around 10:00 tonight. the roads will be i see and snow packed -- icy and snow packed. we saw the snow melt rather prickly today. tonight the temperature will trend down and we will see the snow and ice in the morning. there will be sunshine, but it will not be that warm this weekend.>> it will be the weekend. >> indent. along my man who -- a longmont man who kidnapped a 16- year-old girls yesterday was arrested in coffeeville, alabama today. detectives with a longmont leased department are traveling to alabama to meet up with the victim.
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to a home in wheat ridge. officers were called to the home near 38th avenue and pierce street when they learned the men were there. one was wanted on assault and possession of dangerous drugs. the other was wanted for probation violation and drug scott was arrested when he ran from the house. negotiators try to convince the other man to come from the house. a search warrant was obtained and he was found hiding in the home. he was taken into custody just before midnight. both men were taken to the sheriff's office. who is illegally selling time at the colorado dmv.
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are not in the country legally. someone is bucking the slots and then selling them for $50- $1000. republicans in the state legislature want to reduce funding and that is part of the reason why only three people at the dmv do the special licenses. now they are asking people who have paid for the appointments to come forward and they are reassuring them that they will not be in trouble if they did. >> there is no penalty on them because they are the victims. the have not done anything wrong. we want to know about the bad people who are courting these appointments.>> reporter: the dmv reservation system does not allow you to change the name on the reservation. 9 news found a way that a site could be used -- of the site could be used by scalpers. there is more on our website at airstrikes targeting isis. the u.s. coalition had 19 at the first of the year.
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strikes had isis tactical units battling backers and other targets. a terrorism investigation has been open in texas. police shot and killed a man as he turned out to be wearing a fake explosive belt. he was carrying a piece of paper with an isis flag on it. this took place one year exact -- -- exactly one year after the attacks on the charlie hebdo satirical newspaper. the home health program in grand county is being shut down in addition to hospice. the program had to make cuts because the county needs to save roughly $6 million. >> reporter: at the public health offices at holt silver springs. >> home health, hospice care and home nutrition. >> reporter: the second big
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>> this has been a hard week. >> reporter: the only hospice program in the county closed due to a lack of funding. and by february, the only home health program which offers medical care to homebound patients. >> the age ranges are from babies and kids to older people around 90-95. the goal yesterday was to notify patients. >> reporter: a program that within a year makes 2000 house calls to more than 100 patients.>> we did around 2100 visits in 2014.>> reporter: with the debt, cuts and spending have to be made. >> there is a deficit and we will not run the county into bankruptcy. >> reporter: now will not only more than 100 homebound
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healthcare jobs will also vanish.>> it equals about four equivalents. beginning. around grand county.>> we will look for sources of revenue and better align. >> reporter: home health is cutting budgets as well as other programs. they are also making sure that the home health patients find a place to be treated. in grand county, matt renew, the 9news newsroom. they are taking advantage of recent improvement projects. other departments have been asked to submit budget cuts by february. you will be hearing more than you want to hear about the powerball jock pat -- jackpot. it is the largest lottery prize
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the jackpot will be at least $700 million. the next drawing is saturday night. how dinosaurs lived and loved in colorado. >> researchers found dinosaur love nest on the western slope and the front wage -- range. wyatt is significant and how it plays a part in the world today. >> reporter: just a few feet off the road near dinosaur ridge. >> you can see three toes here.>> reporter: there is evidence of wild times when the sea reached to colorado 100 years ago. martin lockley is a researcher at the university of colorado denver. they found fossilized dinosaur love nests. scratchings in ancient sandstone. the ritual took place during scrape ceremonies where a male
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dinosaurs tried to prove they could be good potential mates. >> they would scratch the surface like, i know how to make a nest. they would do it many times before finally settling on a nest site. it is unusual to find this kind of dinosaur scratching on such a large scale anywhere. >> reporter: it is similar to today. this could further support the theory that birds are the modern designed -- descendents of dinosaurs. they have found 50 of the scrapes in colorado. most are on the western -- mostly on the western slope near delta and one at dinosaur ridge.>> reporter: researchers here, just waiting to be discovered. most down so far are on public land managed by the federal bureau of land management. and explore.
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it for all of us. >> reporter: take care of them so they can remain part of the colorado landscape for another 100 million years. maya rodriguez, 9news.>> the discovery is included in the journal of scientific reports. >> it is official. the word from above at broncos headquarters on who will be the starting quarterback for the game on sunday. a man with a disability has his entire comic book
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for three decades, denver man living with cerebral palsy dedicated his time to reading and collecting comic books. somebody stole them. he says he feels robbed of the one thing that brings him happiness. >> reporter: it is about -- as much about the words on the page as the characters.>> i love the superpowers. >> reporter: a passion not just for any book, but -- but comic books.>> i do like to read. >> reporter: stefen warren is somewhat of an expert. he will be the first to tell you or any of his friends nearby.>> you can be aquaman.>> even aquaman does not want to be aquaman. he has the worst superpowers in the world.>> reporter: there is
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for 30 years, comic books have been his escape from reality. he was born with cerebral palsy and as a result has delayed muscle function. kids used to tease him day in and day out. he found peace in these pages.>> i used to sit in my room and just read comics. i was disabled.>> reporter: he collected nearly 4000 comics. but, in just one day, somebody stole them all from him.>> my tv was taken. one was taken off the wall. >> reporter:'s house was ransacked.
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and comics. it is a pain. >> if it wasn't -- if it wasn't for you, i would not be the person i am right now.>> reporter: he is with his sidekick, zach. >> it is hard.>> reporter: his knowledge that good will triumph over evil. in denver, christina, 9news -- christine noel, 9news.>> because comic books do not have serial numbers, it is unlikely they will be recovered. a new guideline regarding the amount of sugar that you eat. that comes out to 12 teaspoons of sugar per day. to put that into perspective, one 12 ounce soft drink contains nearly 10 teaspoons.
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whether it is the beverages you drink or maybe eating out one fewer night per week, or perhaps adding additional fruit and vegetables. these changes can get to you to a place where there is -- get
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in between snow bands between the west, the east and the high country, a wintry scene. i am kathy sabine and we are tracking the second and a series of winter storms. heavy snow is expected later on. traffic is slow on i-25, but not due to snow at this time. the snow is tapering off. temperatures colder. you can see how they stack up against the averages for the date. they are nowhere near record territory. at the airport right now, the wind is at 7 and the temperature is at about 33 degrees. colder air is on the way as an arctic front inches its way toward northern colorado. we are focused on the second low near the phoenix area ringing heavy flooding and rain -- bringing heavy flooding and rain to the southwest. the cold front is coming up through albuquerque. that cold front will dive
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create a wind shift and bring additional accumulation overnight and into the morning drive. there is a winter weather 2:00. there are advisories in the northern and central mountains where a foot of snow could fall between now and friday evening. disconnect system will travel into southern colorado and interact with a cold front that is due in later tonight. the temperatures will be colder behind the front. notice how they are colder the farther north and east you go. overnight the moisture will increase and we expect more to develop here in the downtown probably around 9:00-10:00 tonight. some of you have had storms all day -- snow all day. here, the storms will settle in which will mean a tough morning drive. the snow and ice will stay on the road and slow things down
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the day. the skies will clear and then we are done. it's a 24 hour isn't. in the foothill, there is a potential for six inches of snow. areas of douglas county and el paso county in areas of the palmer divide and from parker to elizabeth, you could see 3-6 inches of snow. here in denver, we are expecting additional amounts on top of what you have received. the forecast model has 2-5 inches of snow. in colorado springs. the high temperature tomorrow is not very low at all. highs in the 20s which is a through the upcoming weekend. i can, allow for extra time tomorrow morning. the snow that follows -- the falls tonight will accumulate in stick on the ground. advisory. temperatures in the midteens tomorrow morning.
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the snow will end after lunch time and the taper off across night. the single digits. temperatures do not trend upward until monday and tuesday sports is next.
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chinese stocks stalled. the dow finished down 392 points on the day.
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hi everybody. what a great idea.
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this. after resting peyton manning for the final two months of the season, the broncos officially named him the starting quarterback for the playoffs today. that is instead of brock osweiler prefilled and abner really but does not have any postseason experience. great idea. >> it is fun to be part of the practices and being able to play. that certainly beats you know, rehab on your own, as i have said before. it was good to be out there today and work with the guys. i look forward to being ready to contribute. broncos insider mike cliff broke the new story this morning, again. there he is. i know there were 100 factors to consider, but what is the main reason that gary kubiak chose peyton manning?>> at risk of violating the copyright memos that we get in the newsroom, he is peyton manning. really, you are talking about the greatest quarterback who ever lived.
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kubiak and the broncos don't go forward. somewhere along the line they stumble and they are not the last team standing and they don't when superbowl 50. as they lose, peyton manning is on the bench. how could gary kubiak live with himself? that's a big reason. also, how the team responded to him. it looked like they were goofing around when brock osweiler was the quarterback. all of a sudden, the real teacher, peyton manning, came in and they snapped to order. >> reporter: how this -- how might this hurt the bronco's chances of re-signing him? >> it's not going to help. by the way, he has a legitimate knee injury. i don't think that factored in the decision.
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one is opportunity for him to a be quarterback going forward of peyton manning does not return. peyton manning talked briefly today that he has given thought about whether or not this is the final ride. also, it is money. it is always money that counts. the broncos through three years and $35 million after him. i think bygones will be bygones. >> i said six weeks ago that they would do this. >> you know, behind all of my great thoughts is someone else's idea and i'm going to go that way.>> reporter: next you probably expect osweiler sitting and hiding. but that is not his style.>> you will hear the roar.[ cheering and applause ]. it also says gary kubiak is committed to winning.>> i feel very good about patent -- peyton manning leading the football team.>> reporter: he understands the coach's
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back up, but he doesn't have to like it. >> obviously you want to be the guy out there on the field and battling with your teammates. i will always role with his decision.>> reporter: a decision based on manning healing up plus, he is played 18 seasons. >> he has played in big playoff games. it has always been about him physically and this is the best place he has been in.>> reporter: were not for the chargers>> brock osweiler fumbles from behind. >> reporter: there is no doubt that the move would have been >> who knows? are facts. i did not finish the game and peyton manning will start in the playoffs. that is something >> reporter: is needed, brock will be ready, again. rod mackey, 9news.
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remiss not to wish you all a happy national bobble head day. this is the golden bobble head from the national bobble head museum. >> how did you get that? >> i have been elected as an enshrining in the inaugural class -- >> congratulations. >> you are all invited to milwaukee when this happens. i am very proud. >> show wish her bobble. does it get to wear a gold >> it says founding member
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